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  • Heat lapel pin
    With 20 years experience in making team pins, we guarantee you good quality, quick delivery and good services.
    a's baseball
    saints softball
    slammers softball
    d-bat baseball
  • Fill out FREE QUOTE and forward us your inforamtion such as logos,colors, mascot...etc.
  • Get the pricing with the custom artwork we make for your proof.
  • Approve the artwork & sending order form with payment.
  • Within 2 weeks you can get your own designed custom trading pins
  • Bobcats lapel pin
    Thunder lapel pin
    Different types of trading pins
  • Cloisonne soft enamel pin is heavy, and glossy with clear epoxy covering.
  • Soft enamel is heavy and you can feel texture when touching it .
  • Photographic pin is usually light and glossy with clear epoxy covering,
  • Heavy Photographic pin is comparable in weight to soft enamel pin, glossy with clear epoxy covering.
  • Custom trading pins are popular among baseball teams, softball teams,basketball teams, hockey teams, football teams, soccer teams.
    Most of tournaments have a pin trading ceremony to trade pins with each other.
    For the kids it is the highlight event.
    stars baseball
    corpus christi lapel pin
    ducks baseball
    redwater lapel pin
    Each trading pin is custom designed pin, made from metal with post & military clasp back or rubber clasp back, per trading pin range size is from 1.5" to 2.5", popular size is 1.75" and 2".
    Each player should bring 20-30 pins to trade, depending on how many other teams will be attending.
    Trading Pin EXTRAS
    Have your own designed trading pins more precious & value with EXTRAS:
    Dangler: A second custom trading pin, like a bat, cross bats, a ball, a glove, the year, your state,state flag and any possibilities. It's popular with Baseball Trading Pins and Softball Trading Pins.
    Spinner: A second custom trading pin, like a ball, a glove or any your imagination.They attached on top of the pin face and spun with finger.
    Blinkie Lights: Colored lights blink when turned on with battery, used in central of star, ball and eyes of a mascot on the pin, a high exciting option of your custom trading pin.
    Glitter: The color sparkled with glitter, highly visible and gorgeous look custom trading pins. It's popular with Baseball Trading Pins and Softball Trading Pins.
    Dangler lapel pin
    Spinner lapel pin
    Blinkie lapel pin
    Glitter lapel pin
    Trading pin with Dangler
    Trading pin with Spinner
    Trading pin with Blinkie
    Trading pin with Glitter
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